Mobile Time and Attendance

Employees capture their time and attendance information in real time as it happens in the field. This timesheet information is collected on the mobile device along with associated GPS location data. This data is either pushed back immediately, or stored on the mobile until sufficient cellular coverage or Wifi is available. As soon as coverage is available, the mobile will push the data back so that timesheet reporting and payroll processes can be completed.

Management has the ability to view real-time data along with ability to run reports for critical decision making. Concerned about documenting Federal and State Wage-Hour Laws around mobile employees Meal Period and Rest Breaks? With California Time and Labor Company’s mobile Pacific Timecard deployed to your mobile workforce those concerns are eliminated, as we are able to capture those mandated events by the employee which helps protect YOU, the employer, from frivolous lawsuits and costly litigations.

  Mobile Time Card Collection

  Ability to capture time, attendance, digital signature, timesheet information outside of cellular coverage (store and forward).
  Individual/supervisor/team/crew clock in options.
  Time sheet collection per task/job and cost code/activities - including GPS location information.
  Clock in lock - not able to clock into a job outside a given distance.
  Photo capture at clock in.
  Employee timesheet approval (digital signature) of time work.
  Load thousands of job name and numbers including cost codes and activities.
  Ability to capture breaks and meal periods – with notifications.
  California meal and rest requirements - premium pay alerts, digital signature, and reporting.

  Notifications and GPS Features

  GPS tracking: Every 300 feet, 60 seconds, etc. – active or passive configurable GPS settings per field worker and/or team.
  Google enterprise mapping (street view, 3D, satellite) to locate individuals and teams.
  GPS location tracking (last action, 8 hours, 15 minutes, to last 6 months).
  GPS Report to be alerted when GPS has been turned off on device and battery percentage.
  Clock in location restriction and location discrepancy actions and reports.
  Mileage traveled and turn-by-turn directions.
  Smart fences alerts and notifications (idle time, outside area, speed trigger, entering area etc.).
  Alerts to take breaks, end breaks, meal and rest periods.
  Recorded playback movement via video.

  Daily Job Journal Forms and Data Capture

  Digital signature.
  Photo capture (including location and time).
  Yes/no, drop down questions, numeric, text.
  Notes (free hand and voice activation).
  Editable and required fields including questions at clock in, clock out and after activities worked.
  Custom forms (pre-trip, post-trip, expense report, clock in or clock out, etc.).
  New capture california meal and rest questions.
  Custom data forms available.

  Reporting Features

  View and report over 30 reports (day, week, monthly, quarterly, etc.).
  GPS (location, mileage, location discrepancy, etc.).
  Custom reports - including PDF, CSV, HTML, etc.
  Notification/alert reports – battery life, smart fences.
  California meal and rest – premium pay report.
  All reports are exportable and can be scheduled to viewing.
  All reporting information accessible for a 6 month period.

  Administration Viewing

  HTML access (all hosting infrastructure in Amazon web services) to dashboard/portal available 99.999%.
  Specific administration rights per user to view mapping and edit time per trade, team, locations.
  View current and past data for a 6 month period.
  Enterprise Google mapping, reporting, and real-time Google traffic and alerts.
  Multiple login levels with editing and viewing rights.
  Approval of timesheets, leave time, and sick time.
  Supervisor mobile app included to review employees location and job status on an Android or Apple iOS device.


Feature Pacific
Employee timesheets, clock in/out, jobs and cost code details collection Yes
Team clock in (crew/supervisor/manager teams of 1-20 employees) very quick ROI Yes
GPS tracking (every 60 seconds) along with Google Maps standard, satellite & street views Yes
20+ action triggers (idle, speed, action) with alerts Yes
Smart/geo fence technology with alerts Yes
Forms and custom fields (required and optional) including photo capture and digital signature Yes
30+ reviewable & exportable reports of information (API integration available) 30
Free backend web account, Google mapping for GPS tracking Yes
Available on standard cell phones, Blackberry OS10, Apple iOS and Android devices and tablets Yes
Schedule reports sent to individual and teams Yes

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